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Fatty Food Are Healthy for Health

High-Quality-fat-FoodsIn the method of losing weight plenty times we fail to realize that there are several fatty foods that are required to our health. Searching for the calorie they carries and hence simply eliminating them by our daily menu may be you are missing something required nutritional elements. Following are some fatty foods which are healthiest for our body.

Eggs- a full egg is a complete package of food which contain healthy calories as compare to other food. Eggs are packed with minerals, proteins and vitamins that are required to having a good and healthy lifestyle. Egg is also containing choline that functioning to improve the energy in body. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the best antioxidants which facilitate to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

Cheese- it is examine that plenty of people ignore cheese because of cheese has contain higher fat. But this food is also full with proteins and fats, these proteins are very important for our healthy health.fat_food

Butter- generally we are used butter for good health. But we are unaware about its fact which is most helpful for our body to absorb Vitamins A, E, K and D. thus you must add little butter in your regular diet to stay healthy.

Coconut- Coconut is well ingredient of saturated fat. But people who are experience with cholesterol problem may not use this. However person who is suffering from heart problem have beneficial the coconut product. One of the research proven that coconut intake is very effective to enhance the good cholesterol level.

Poultry- Another food that is meaningful but never added in the diet program by people who are now on diet. Several people fails to understand about poultry which is best source of protein that facilitates growing the body along with speedy repair of wear and cells in body. Generally diet advisor don’t take advice to eat poultry which is dark meat and skin, but the fact is that this dark meat and skin are most effective for heart problem.

Foods Help to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

food reduce cholesterolIf you wish to decrease your cholesterol level then you must be aware about foods which are essential to avoid and which food help to lower cholesterol. Most of the people are not known the food they miss which is actually effective to reduce cholesterol. Here are list of foods that may have potential to reducing your cholesterol level.

Avocados- Avocados is the best food which may contain monounsaturated fat, heart healthy fat which is essential to improve good cholesterol (HDL) along with the similar time decrease bad cholesterol (LDL).

Chocolates- Dark chocolates are full with antioxidants which are effective to grow HDL cholesterol level. Antioxidants is must and it help to manage oxidization of cholesterol that may cause atherosclerosis.

Garlic- Garlic is used since decades to cure from infections. Behind this garlic may facilitate to maintain blood clots and decrease blood sugar level along with cholesterol. Additionally, it is helpful to prevent plaque by clogging arteries.

Spinach- Spinach and different dark foliose vegetables conation carotenoid that could be a bright yellow pigment that helps to safeguard against devolution. Besides this, carotenoid conjointly helps to safeguard the arteries.