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Signs and Symptoms of Stroke at Early in Women

symptom of strokeA stroke is also known as disease once the brain gets deficiency of the oxygen, also define as brain attack. This condition is equally similar to the heart attack condition. This condition happens after supplies of blood and oxygen is block within the arteries as a result death of the cells. A stroke will be server or mild. A mild stroke has generally higher chances into severe stroke. Thus it is essential to understand the sign and symptoms about it and find a proper treatment.

The following are few reasons behind causing stroke issues in women:

It may be happen because of high blood pressure, alcohol consumption, obesity, smoking, diabetes, and many more. This will be causes for women after 55-60 years age.

Signs and symptoms of stroke occur at early age:chest pain symptoms of stroke

  • You can face the issue of speaking and understanding.
  • You can see and trouble with the weakness in face and limbs.
  • Vision issue is also happen because of this.
  • The most common symptom is sudden headache without any reason.
  • You can lose the body coordination.
  • Increase heart beats and chest pain are very general symptoms.
  • You may feel breathing problem and nausea.

If you are experiencing with any of these signs then it is the indication of the stroke disease. You must require getting a proper treatment from the health expert before it is going to be serious issue. Surgery or hospitalization is the great treatment of the stroke.

To prevent from stroke you must be go through healthy and change the lifestyle. Replace your diet with healthy food and fruits, control your blood pressure and body weight, and keep away from alcohol and smoking. All these tips help to avoid stroke problem.